FAQ Super C Gift card

Where do I get a Super C gift card?

You can buy Super C gift cards from any Super C supermarket. They are available in three different values: $25, $50 or $100. Select the card you need and take it to the cash where it will be activated automatically as soon as the transaction has been completed.

Can I use my gift card for more than one transaction?

Of course! With each use, the amount of your transaction is deducted from the card and the balance saved until your next visit or until it reaches zero.

How do I find out the balance left on my card?

Every time you use your card, the balance remaining appears on your receipt. You can also check the balance on line by clicking here.

Is there a time limit to use my gift card?

Absolutely not. Your card has no expiry date and there is no time limit after the first transaction.

What can I buy with my gift card?

All in-store merchandise at your Super C supermarket.

What happens to my money if I lose the gift card?

Unfortunately, Metro Richelieu inc. cannot be held responsible in case of loss, theft or unauthorized use of your card. If any of these situations should occur, your balance will not be refunded. So, be careful with your card.


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