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Savings on aliments du Québec - Locate the blue labels: Super Québec, Aliments préparés au Québec, Aliments du Québec
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How to find Quebec products in stores? It's easy! Look for the blue labels.

In addition to offering families in Quebec the best of Quebec at a super price, Super C is proud to offer an intuitive locating system to easily identify local products in every section and aisle.

Aliments du Québec

To be considered an Aliments du Québec, any product entirely made from ingredients sourced in Quebec or made of a minimum of 85 % Quebec-based ingredient. All the processing and packaging activities must have taken place in Quebec.

Aliments préparés au Quebec

To be considered an Aliments préparés au Quebec, a product must be processed and packaged entirely in Quebec and made from Quebec and/or imported ingredients. When the product's main ingredients are available in Quebec in sufficient quantities, these must be used instead of imported ingredients.

Super Quebec

A Super Québec product is any fruit or vegetable grown in Quebec.

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