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Best Price

We will match prices listed in flyers from grocery store competitors identified by Super C for products listed on the first page of our Super C flyer, if a competitor, within a radius of 5 km, sells a product in an identical format, brand, and origin as one of the products listed with the "best price guaranteed" on the same page of this flyer at a lower price during the period the flyer is valid. Super C will validate prices of competitors' flyers. This guarantee specifically excludes any coupon, promotion, discount, including for combined purchases, rewards, allocation of points, and loyalty program advantages. Does not apply if information required to compare products is incomplete or if the ad is not issued directly from the competitor. Does not apply to products on sale or signage mistakes form competitors. Inquire at your Super C store about obtaining the list of identified grocery store competitors. We reserve the right to suspend, modify, or terminate this program at any time and without prior notice. The policy is only valid when the "Best price guaranteed" mention is in effect on a listed price on the first page of the flyer.