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Cooking turkey for the holidays is a classic tradition, but it's also an affordable way to feed a large crowd!

Whether you're an expert or beginner, cooking a turkey can seem like a daunting task. You first need to ask yourself a few questions. What size turkey should you get? How long will it take to thaw? How long should you cook it? We're here to help with a practical guide that will answer your questions.

Guide to cooking your turkey (unstuffed):

Internal temperature:

Cooking time estimates will help you plan when you should put your bird in the oven. Keep in mind that you should always check the turkey's internal temperature to make sure it has cooked enough. Moreover, several factors can impact cooking time, including the number of times you open the oven door, the thermometer's accuracy, the turkey's temperature before cooking, etc. The recommended internal temperatures are 180 F for the thigh and 165 F for the breast.