Choose from among a wide selection of appetizers to put on your buffet table.

A variety of choices that will please everyone! Younger guests will love the mozzarella sticks and pigs in a blanket. Delight your older guests with an assortment of seafood, mushroom, and crab appetizers. For a delicious buffet selection and a memorable party.

Mini florentine quiches

Mini quiche lorraine

Pizza bites

Shrimp hors-d'œuvres

Sausages in pastry and mini pizzas party pack

Mini sausages in pastry

Hors d'œuvres three-cheese and onion puff pastries

Gourmet sausages in puff pastry topped with parmesan cheese

Mushroom duxelle puff pastries

Asian style uncooked chicken bites

Mexican style uncooked bites

Pork & beef homestyle meatballs

Breaded cream cheese sticks with Jalapeno & bacon flavour

Battered bacon and cheddar cheese sticks

Battered mozzarella cheese sticks with jalapeno

Battered mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce

Crab meat and cheese puff pastries

Assorted shrimp hors-d'œuvres trio with sweet chili sauce

Cranberry & brie phyllo pastries

Cranberry & brie phyllo pastries


Poutine Bites, St-Hubert

Poutine Bites, La Paysanne

Breaded cheese curds, La Paysanne