super hosting tips for the holidays

Tips for hosting groups of all sizes Tips for hosting groups of all sizes

recipe ideas to impress your small guests group
(2 to 6 people)

This is an opportunity to show off your culinary skills and try complex dishes that will surprise your guests.

Perfect for medium-sized groups
(6 to 10 people)

Preparation is key. Get everything you need ready ahead of time so you'll only need to cook or assemble your dishes on the day of the party.

A potluck-style feast for bigger groups
(10 to 15 people)

Do you have a huge family? A potluck buffet can save you a lot of time and energy.

Merry low prices Merry low prices

Whether you're having a few people over for dinner or lots of people over for a huge buffet, our flyer will be your wallet's best ally this holiday season.

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