Donate to the Mira super brigade

Super C is proud to support the Mira Foundation in order to improve living conditions of people living with visual and motor disabilities as well as young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (ASD).


Thank you! Donations campaign are now closed.

The Mira super brigade The Mira super brigade


The super Mira Brigade includes five Mira Foundation puppies who are tasked with a very special mission. Watch this video to find out more about the super Mira Brigade.


Biscuit is the gentlest of dogs and the fluffiest. He loves kids, cuddles, squeaky toys, and changing lives.


Recognized for his exemplary style, Feta was born to help others. If he could talk, he'd say that donating makes a world of difference!


Definitely an early bird, Bagel is always ready to learn the ins and outs of being a guide dog. Thanks to your donations, he'll be able to wake up every morning and change a life.


Nacho is the king of celebrations. He loves playing with his brothers and sisters, but when it comes to changing a life, he's quick to get to work.


Pesto gets along with everyone. He's always ready to play and incredibly active. If he wasn't busy changing lives, he'd probably be a tour guide dog.

The Mira Foundation and Super C thank you!