3 summer salads you can makewith Quebec lettuce

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Salads are a light meal that are perfect for the summer. The possibilities are endless and it's easy to prepare low-cost, delicious meals in a flash! Here are a few recipe ideas you can make with Quebec lettuce.

Quebec lettuce

When it comes to picking which variety of lettuce should be the base of your salad, the choice is entirely up to you! At Super C, you'll find leaf lettuce , iceberg lettuce, and romaine lettuce in the summer. Leaf lettuce is perfect for a green salad with loads of fresh vegetables. Romaine is ideal for a Caesar salad. Last but not least, iceberg will always add a lovely crunch to your sandwiches!

Tacos salad

Tacos salad Tacos salad

An original, low-cost, simple recipe you can easily whip up on weeknights. You'll need iceberg or romaine lettuce, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and red onions . You can also add some sour cream and cilantro if you have them on hand. Start by cooking the ground beef in a pan with the taco seasoning. Chop the lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. When the beef is ready, simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl with the cheddar cheese.

Summer salad with vegetables, fruit, and halloumi

Summer salad with vegetables, fruit, and halloumi Summer salad with vegetables, fruit, and halloumi

Fruit in a salad? Absolutely! You'll need leaf or romaine lettuce, vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, red onions, halloumi cheese, and the Irresistibles dressing of your choice. As for fruit, strawberries, raspberries, apples, cantaloup, and watermelon all contrast wonderfully well with the saltiness of the cheese and the crunchiness of the vegetables. Once you've sliced all your fruits and veggies, simply grill the halloumi on the BBQ or in a pan and combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Top with your favourite dressing and enjoy.

Bonus tip: turn this recipe into a main course by adding chicken, nuts, marinated tofu, or hardboiled eggs.

A quick salad bar

A quick salad bar A quick salad bar

If you're looking for a "clean out the fridge" recipe, look no further than a salad bar! You'll need your favourite Quebec lettuce, vegetables (shredded carrots, beets, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.) and the dressing of your choice. Next, choose your protein: nuts, tofu, tuna, hardboiled eggs, chicken, bacon, shrimp, legumes, etc. Look in your pantry to see if you've got a can of chickpeas or red beans. You can even add rice and quinoa to the list of ingredients.

Once you've gathered all your ingredients, cut them up and place them in separate bowls. Then invite guests to assemble their own salad bowl. Don't worry about ending up with leftovers, you can store everything in the fridge in a container for a meal the next day!

A love of lettuce

Lettuce is a key ingredient in plenty of recipes. It can be added to soups and used instead of hamburger buns and taco tortillas. It's also a delightful way to add a bit of crunch to your meal! Don't forget to keep an eye on the flyer to take advantage of special offers on your favourite varieties of lettuce.

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