4 simple and quick pizza
recipes you can cook on the barbecue

Did you know it's possible to cook pizza on the grill?

Not only is it simple, it's also quick and affordable. In other words: it's the perfect weeknight meal! You and your kids differ when it comes to flavours? There's no need to argue because you can mix and match an endless combination of toppings! Here are a few we recommend!

the new margherita

Pizza #1: the new margherita Pizza #1: the new margherita

Anyone can easily make this classic Italian dish at home! First, fire up the grill to medium high. Then spread your favourite pizza sauce on naan bread with a bit of garlic. Top with fresh or shredded mozzarella and place on the grill! If you have some tomatoes on hand, you can add a few thin slices on top of the cheese. When your pizza is ready, garnish with a few fresh basil leaves and serve.

Super tip: for maximum savings, keep an eye on your flyer to find fresh mozzarella for a more authentic taste. You can also purchase minced garlic in a jar to save time!

for meat lovers

Pizza #2: for meat lovers Pizza #2: for meat lovers

The secret to a great tasting meat pizza? Spicy pizza sauce! You can find some at Super C or add red pepper flakes to your usual sauce. The rest is easy: fire up your barbecue, spread your spicy sauce on the pizza dough, add the meat of your choice (pepperoni, ham, bacon, etc.) and shredded cheese. To save money, you can pick the meat that's on sale that week. And you can add any vegetables you have such as bell peppers and onions. Three to five minutes on the grill and your pizza will be ready!

a new kind of veggie option

Pizza #3: a new kind of veggie option Pizza #3: a new kind of veggie option

This is a vegetarian pizza that will please those who like to do things differently. After turning your barbecue on, thinly slice a few vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and zucchini. Spread the pesto on naan bread and top with the vegetables. Add cheese and you're all set!

If you've got parmesan in the fridge, sprinkle some on top of the mozzarella. It's a tasty ingredient that is sure to boost the flavours of your pizza!

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BBQ chicken on a pizza? Yes!

Pizza #4: BBQ chicken on a pizza? Yes! Pizza #4: BBQ chicken on a pizza? Yes!

We must warn you that if you try this pizza, you'll want to have it again and again! An affordable yet oh so delicious recipe, barbecue chicken pizza will definitely wow everyone in your family. In a pan, cook the chicken with salt and pepper. Once cooked, slice into small pieces. Cook the onions in another pan. When almost done, add the BBQ sauce and chicken. Cook for another minute in order for the chicken to soak up the sauce. Then spread the chicken and sauce on the flatbreads. Add fresh or shredded mozzarella and cook for a few minutes on the BBQ.

Super tip: you can also purchase pre-cooked BBQ chicken from Super C to save time!

An infinite number of combinations

For new flavours, simply vary the bases (pita bread, naan bread, store-bought pizza dough) and the toppings depending on what you have in the fridge. You can also use different cheeses. Feta or sharp cheddar for instance are great for adding a unique taste to your dish. And a good way to save on cheese is to purchase economic packs when they're on sale and shred them yourself at home. You can even freeze your cheese to prevent waste.

Enjoy your pizza!

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