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Do you know about mocktails? These non-alcoholic cocktails are perfect for everyone, especially kids who want to enjoy a special beverage with the adults! Here are a few simple and quick ideas. Don't be afraid of getting creative with your ingredients: the combinations are endless!

Easy cherry and lime mocktail

Easy cherry and lime mocktail Easy cherry and lime mocktail

This incredibly easy alcohol-free cocktail is our favourite! Start by combining Selection lime soda with a small amount of grenadine. The more grenadine you add, the pinker it will get and the sweeter it will taste. Add a few slices of lime in your glass. Finally, add a few Selection cherries and a bit of the syrup. This simple mocktail is perfect for anyone who loves a sparkling drink!

Love lime? Squeeze a bit of lime juice in your mocktail for a bolder taste.

Super strawberry lemonade Mocktail

Super strawberry lemonade mocktail Super strawberry lemonade mocktail

This strawberry lemonade mocktail is perfect for a sunny day or if you're craving a sweet beverage! Start by combining Selection lemonade with sparkling water until you get the taste you want. Fill only three-quarters of your glass to leave room for the strawberries. Add some slices of fresh strawberry in your glass. For a refreshing option, use Irresistibles frozen sliced strawberries. They'll act as ice cubes and will provide a fruity flavour to your mocktail!

Refreshing watermelon mocktail

Refreshing watermelon mocktail Refreshing watermelon mocktail

This alcohol-free cocktail is refreshing and delicious! Add the cranberry juice, Selection club soda, and seedless watermelon cubes in a blender. Pulse and pour into a glass filled with ice cubes. Feel like a bit of sweetness? Add a bit of cherry syrup in the blender before pouring into a glass and top with a few cherries.

Cost-saving tip: Use Irresistibles frozen watermelon instead of fresh watermelon.

super simple pear and apple mocktail

Fruity explosion Fruity explosion

This mocktail is perfect for a special occasion. In addition to being tasty, it's easy to prepare! Pour pear juice, apple juice, and lime soda into a large glass filled with ice. If you want a more sparkling version, add more soda! Mix and enjoy.

Practical tip: This mocktail is even better when cold. Refrigerate your juice and soda before mixing!

Any occasion is good for a mocktail! They're simple to make and offer an endless number of combinations so don't be afraid to improvise. All these alcohol-free cocktails are even better when cold. We recommend chilling your glasses in the fridge for half an hour before serving.


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