4 original ways to use
your holiday leftovers

The holidays are synonymous with abundance. But with abundance comes the risk of food waste.

By cooking with leftovers, you'll be both preventing waste and saving on your grocery bill! Looking for tasty ways to use your holiday leftovers? Here are a few tips!

Leftover cheese

Bits and pieces from your cheese platter ingredients still in the fridge? Good news: cheese is incredibly easy to add to your menu! It's also a sure-fire way to enhance any snack or dish.

Leftover cheese

You can use leftover cheese to:

Leftover bread

You can always use leftover bread for sandwiches or freeze it for later, but you can also use a bit of creativity to elevate your menu. Bread is used in myriad recipes and with the right inspiration, you'll be able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal!

Leftover bread

You can use leftover bread to:

Bonus tip: to turn your bread into croutons, simply dice it and cook in a pan with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, and your favourite seasoning (cumin, dried herbs, etc.)..

Leftover bread

Leftover meat

Leftover turkey, fondue meat, and charcuterie can be used in sandwiches. But you can also use it to make outstanding, simple weeknight meals.

Leftover meat

You can use leftover meat to:

  • Prepare a hot turkey sandwich or fondue meat sandwich (and you can serve it with leftover gravy!)
  • Cook a comforting vol-au-vent
  • Prepare turkey or charcuterie quesadillas (chorizo, salami, ham, etc.)
  • Make a fried rice with vegetables and meat
  • Add protein to your salads

Quick tips for using leftovers: desserts

Quick tips for using leftovers

Desserts: desserts are usually the first leftovers to go. But if you still have chocolate, cakes, or other types of treats, you can make a chocolate fondue and dip your leftover cookies, cubes of cake, pretzels, etc.

Quick tips for using leftovers: crudit&eacutes;
Quick tips for using leftovers: les crudit&eacutes;

Crudités: if you have any leftover carrots, celery, or broccoli, simply combine them with other vegetables in your fridge for a delicious soup, fried rice, or veggie sauté. These are delicious meals in the winter.

Clean-out-the-fridge meals

If your fridge is packed with small amounts of different meals, you can turn them all into a clean-out-the-fridge meal. Simply use a base like pasta or rice and top with your leftover meat and veggies. You can also combine everything into a casserole dish with your favourite seasoning. As for quantities, that's up to you! No matter what you do with your leftovers, if you want to plan a delicious holiday meal, keep an eye on your flyer for savings!

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