4 ideas for easy and
low-cost marinades

When it's time to fire up the grill, a good marinade can make all the difference.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive three-ingredient marinades for meats or tofu. They're quick, tasty, and are guaranteed to take your BBQ game up a notch!

sweet and spicy marinade

sweet and spicy marinade sweet and spicy marinade

Combine equal parts of soy sauce and maple syrup in a bowl and add a bit of Irresistibles Dijon mustard. Taste and adjust the quantities to your liking. Want your marinade to be a bit sweeter? Add more maple syrup or less soy sauce, or vice versa.

Ideal for: chicken, pork, tofu

Vegetarian tip: Tofu brochettes are sure to please any vegetarian guests. In addition to being a versatile ingredient, tofu is also very affordable!

marinade with a kick

marinade with a kick marinade with a kick

If you want to heat things up a bit, this is the marinade for you. A bit spicy but not too much, it's perfect for a barbecue for grown ups. If there are kids attending the festivities, ketchup can be used instead of Sriracha for a milder taste. Simply mix a bit of honey with soy sauce and gradually add Sriracha until you get the level of heat you want.

Ideal for: chicken, pork, tofu

Savings tip: For a more affordable version, you can use brown sugar instead of honey.

Thai marinade

Thai marinade Thai marinade

Are you a fan of Asian cuisine? Then you'll love this coconut milk marinade! Add 3 tablespoons of lime juice and ½ cup of coconut milk. Then add the amount of curry you want.

Ideal for: chicken and tofu

Tip: You can also add a bit of sugar for a sweet and savoury taste. And if you cook with lime juice often enough, you can purchase a bottle of lime juice and use it for other recipes. The savings will add up!

Homemade BBQ marinade

Homemade BBQ marinade Homemade BBQ marinade

This is a very simple and affordable marinade. Combine the brown sugar with as much BBQ sauce as you want until you get the exact flavour you're looking for. Then add a pinch or two of steak seasoning and you're all set.

Ideal for: chicken, pork, steak, hamburger patties... and pizza!

Practical tip: This marinade can also be used instead of tomato sauce on your pizzas!

The secret to a perfectly marinated piece of meat or tofu? The longer you marinate your meat (or tofu), the more it will absorb the flavours. Let it marinate for at least 45 minutes before cooking and use reusable airtight containers to help seal in the flavours.