How to choose the best
apples for cooking?

When you hear the term “apple-based recipe”, odds are your mind will immediately go to a pie or a crumble. But there are so many ways you can use apples in your recipes. Applesauce, salads, meat sauce? it’s such a versatile fruit! But which apple variety should you use in which recipe? Let’s find out!

Trick 1: The Lobo

the Lobo

Have you ever noticed that some apples stay more intact than others when cooked? The reason has everything to do with what kind of apple is used. For instance, the Lobo is renowned for keeping its shape during cooking. Not too sweet and slightly acidic, it’s perfect for baking pies and crumbles that look like they belong in a bakery shop window!

Trick 2: The Cortland

the Cortland

A Cortland apple doesn’t turn brown when it comes into contact with air, making it the best type of apple for a sweet and savoury maple and bacon salad with nuts. Simply caramelize the nuts in the oven with some butter and maple syrup then mix it all up with green lettuce, a sliced Cortland apple, onions, and pieces of bacon. Speaking of meat, Cortland apples can also be used to make a sweet and sour sauce that perfectly complements pork.

Trick 2: The Cortland
Trick 3: The Empire

the Empire

The best thing about the Empire apple is that it is sweet and low in acid, making it perfect for cakes, pies, or even to top your pancakes in the morning. Want to prepare a healthy topping for dessert? Heat a few slices of apple in the microwave to soften them and sprinkle some maple syrup on top. Your kids will adore this treat!

Trick 4: The Spartan

the Spartan

The Spartan is packed with flavour and is moderately acid. If you love crumbles, this is the apple for you. To make kids (and adults) very happy, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of every serving once out of the oven.

Trick 4: The Spartan
Trick 5: The McIntosh

the McIntosh

The McIntosh is the most popular apple in Quebec. It’s perfect for making applesauce because it breaks up very easily when heated. An apple that is very juicy and just sweet enough to make the perfect snack.

Trick 6: Early summer apples

early summer apples

Did you know that some apples are ready to be harvested in the middle of summer? The yellow transparent or the Jersey Mac for instance are not as common but they can be very useful ingredients. We call these early summer apples. Add them to oven-baked raspberry and apple squares or use them to make juice.

Trick 6: Early summer apples

As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so eat as many as you like! In addition to the varieties mentioned above, you’ll find a large selection of apples to enjoy at your Super C.