4 tips to reduce
food waste

Summer is often synonymous with fresh ingredients and colourful, crowd-pleasing meals. Unfortunately, some foods can go bad quickly. In other instances, you might not know how to use all the parts of a fruit or vegetable. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you reduce food waste and save money during a time when inflation is on everyone’s mind!

1) Make citrus-infused olive oil

Product: Orange
Product: Citrus
Product: Olive oil

Who doesn’t love citrus dressing? Before throwing out any freshly squeezed lemons or oranges, keep the peels to make a delicious citrus-infused oil you can use to elevate your salads and other recipes!

Start by thoroughly cleaning the peel of 2 oranges or 3 lemons in water. Then add to a food processor with a cup of olive oil. Let rest at room temperature for about an hour and then strain through a fine meshed sieve. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a pouring spot and you’ll be all set to add a hint of summer flavour to your salads!

2) Freeze your herbs in an ice cube tray

Product: Stew herbs
Product: Fish herbs
Product: Poultry herbs
Product: Olive oil
Product: Ice cube

If you notice your herbs starting to wilt, grab a cutting board and a sharp knife. Chop the herbs into the size you’ll need them to be for future recipes. Get an ice cube tray, preferably out of silicone to make it easier to remove the ice cubes. Pack the herbs into each cube until it’s ¾ full and then top with enough olive oil to cover the herbs. Once they’re frozen, pop the cubes out of the tray and store them in an airtight freezer bag. Make sure you remove the air from the bag to keep the herbs fresh.

Tasty ideas: let the cubes thaw in a bowl and then drizzle over a salad, add the cubes to quinoa or warm rice or melt them in a pan before cooking meat.

You’ll feel like you have access to a garden all year long!

3) Use broccoli stems in your salad

Product: Broccoli
Product: Apple
Product: Celery
Product:Red pepper
Product: Dill
Product: Plain yogurt
Product: Mayonnaise
Product: Vinegar

Many people think that broccoli stems aren’t good for anything other than being thrown away! The truth is that broccoli stems are a delicious addition to a healthy salad made with your favourite ingredients. We recommend an apple, 2 celery ribs, a diced red bell pepper and a handful of fresh dill. Combine with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Season to taste and enjoy knowing you’ve helped to reduce food waste!

4) Turn banana peels into fertilizer

Product: Banana
Product: Water

Banana peels are rich in potassium and magnesium. So instead of throwing them out, use them to create fertilizer for your plants! Store the banana peel in a 1L glass jar for about a week. Then dilute the fertilizer in water using a ratio of about 1 to 4. This recipe can easily be doubled and tripled. For even better results, spray the base of plants once a week once the season starts. Your houseplants, herbs and garden vegetables will thank you for this boost of nutrients!