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4 easy recipe ideas
kids can help make

It's easy to make cooking meals a fun family activity!

All you need is a bit of preparation, a dash of creativity, and a few recipe ideas where you can safely delegate some tasks to your kids. The following are simple, quick, and low-cost recipes that will get your kids acquainted with the joy of cooking!

Raisin French toast to brighten your mornings

Raisin French toast to brighten your mornings Raisin French toast to brighten your mornings

French toasts are a great way to kick off the day with your family! Because they're so easy and quick to make, this recipe is the perfect way to initiate your kids to cooking. In fact, depending on how old they are (and always under your watchful eye), they can even help you with every step of the recipe. You can ask them to combine the eggs and milk in a large dish and they can dip the slices of bread in the mixture until fully covered. This will obviously be their favourite part because they'll be using their fingers! Cook the slices of bread in a pan with butter until they turn a golden brown. You can then ask your kids to make a giant smiley face on their French toast using chocolate chips! You can also top your French toast with all sorts of tasty ingredients: berries, bananas, jam, maple syrup, etc.

Practical tip: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, and peaches will pair very well with these French toasts! For even more savings, use berries that are in season.

Restaurant-style fish fingers

Restaurant-style fish fingers Restaurant-style fish fingers

Fish lovers of all ages will love preparing homemade breaded fish fingers. You can use the white fish of your choice: haddock, tilapia, cod, etc. Don't forget to check your flyer for special offers. The best part is that kids can help with almost every step of this recipe. For instance, your kids can dip the pieces of fish in the whisked eggs. Once the fish is soaked in the egg mixture, ask your kids to then cover the fish in breadcrumbs. Cook the fish fingers in a pan with a bit of olive oil for about three to five minutes on each side or until it is a nice golden brown!

Bonus tartar sauce: while the fish cooks, your kids can practice their culinary skills by preparing a homemade tartar sauce. Simply ask them to combine some mayonnaise, relish, and a bit of lemon juice.

Bagel pizzas that will please everyone

Bagel pizzas that will please everyone Bagel pizzas that will please everyone

Choosing pizza toppings that everyone will love is never easy. A simple solution? Personalized mini pizzas! Start by pre-heating the oven to 400° then slice the vegetables and shred the cheese. You can also use store-bought shredded cheese to make this step easier. The basic idea is to let everyone top their pizza to their own liking. Your kids can spread the pizza sauce on their sliced bagel and top with the ingredients they want. You can also use any vegetables (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms) you have in the fridge. Then cook the pizza bagels in the oven until the cheese has turned a lovely golden brown and you're all set!

Tasty nachos for an easy kids' party

Tasty nachos for an easy kids' party Tasty nachos for an easy kids' party

When it's time to throw a kids' party, you'll want to plan and serve simple, affordable food. Homemade nachos tick all the boxes! After pre-heating the oven to 400°, slice the chicken into small cubes and cook in a pan. You can add your favourite Mexican seasoning for maximum flavour. As the chicken cooks, ask the kids to spread some chips out on a baking sheet and spoon some salsa over them. Make sure the chicken is cooked through before adding it on top of the chips. Finally, ask your kids to spread some shredded cheese all over the baking sheet and then bake in the oven until the cheese turns golden brown.

Vegetarian option: use canned black beans instead of chicken for a vegetarian dish that's still delicious!

Preparation is key

Cooking with kids is a fun activity even though it requires a bit of preparation! To help you plan meals, consult your flyer to find special offers. You can then adapt these ideas in line with your kids' preferences and what you've got in the fridge.