Sugar Shack

4 low-cost recipe ideas
for a sugar shack at home

Going to a sugar shack is one of our most fun traditions, but who said you had to leave your house to enjoy the food?

Here are a few low-cost recipe ideas for a sugar shack in the comfort of your own home.

Grandma's slow cooked beans

Grandma's slow cooked beans Grandma's slow cooked beans

A sugar shack meal is not complete without beans! In addition to being incredibly easy to make, they're also very affordable. You only need two cups of dried white beans, bacon cubes, about a quarter of a cup of maple syrup and a spoonful of mustard. You can also add your favourite seasoning.

First, soak the white beans in water overnight. In the morning, add the beans and other ingredients in the slow cooker. Add enough water to cover the beans and slow cook for about 5 to 6 hours on high. Make sure to taste every now and again and adjust the seasoning or add water if needed.

Cheddar and bacon French toast for kids and adults

Cheddar and bacon French toast for kids and adults Cheddar and bacon French toast for kids and adults

You can't go wrong with this "savoury and sweet" French toast that's perfect for a sugar shack meal at home. To start, get a few eggs and a bit of milk (or cream) for your usual French toast batter. Add a few pieces of cooked bacon and shredded cheddar. After soaking the bread in the mixture, cook it in a pan with butter or until the bread is golden and the cheese melted. And the final touch? A drizzle of maple syrup of course!

Maple apples as an appetizer or side

Maple apples as an appetizer or side Maple apples as an appetizer or side

To make your sugar shack meal even more fun, we recommend cooking maple apples that can serve as a garnish or a side. In addition to being delicious, they're so simple you'll want to make them every day. Simply peel and slice a few apples. Cook them in butter for a few minutes. Add a bit of maple syrup and simmer on low until they soften. Sprinkle as much cinnamon as you want for more flavour!

Pork creton "like they used to make"

Pork creton 'like they used to make' Pork creton 'like they used to make'

If you've ever heard your grandmother say that creton is easy to make, know that she's right! You'll need a pound of ground pork, a garlic clove, an onion, a cup and half of milk, and a pinch of ground cloves. Start by cooking the ground pork, garlic, onion, and cloves in a pot. Cover and cook on very low for about 90 minutes while stirring occasionally. When the milk has evaporated, pour the creton into the dishes of your choice and let cool for a few hours.

Do you have a family recipe? This is a good opportunity to call your grandmother to ask about her secret seasoning!

Prepping 101

Even if all these recipe ideas are simple to prepare, you still need to plan ahead. To avoid stress, you can prepare a few dishes like the creton and beans the night before. The next morning you'll only need to cook the French toast and sweet apples. Keep an eye on flyer deals to enjoy maximum savings.

Create a friendly atmosphere

Create a friendly atmosphere

To get the most out of your sugar shack at home, you need the right ambiance! Here are five practical and inexpensive ways to recreate a convivial atmosphere:

  • Put on some traditional Quebec folk music or your favourite Celine album.
  • Get your checkered tablecloth out.
  • Get a few fir branches and some pinecones to decorate the table.
  • Use white lighting for a warm atmosphere.
  • If the weather is nice, create an area outside where you can serve maple taffy. You'll need popsicle sticks, maple taffy, and a container (like a baking sheet) on which to spread the snow and taffy.
Create a friendly atmosphere

Happy sugar shack!