3 simple tricks
to cook tofu

Whether you are vegetarian or not, there are several reasons to start cooking tofu. Full of protein, inexpensive and versatile, tofu has all the characteristics to be your best friend when you prep your meal. Here are a few tips that will allow you to quickly and easily ace your tofu recipes every time, without breaking the bank!


Choosing the right type of tofu

Tofu comes in all types of textures: silken, semi‑firm, firm and extra‑firm. The best choice for you will depend on your tastes and preferences, but also what you wish to cook.

Silken tofu is mainly used to make a liquid creamier and more unctuous, while adding a subtle boost of protein. It's best used in:

  • Smoothies
  • Purees
  • Soups
  • Desserts (Pudding, chocolate mousse, etc.)

Tofu Salad

Semi‑firm to extra firm tofu is a perfect substitute for meat in your meals. The firmer your tofu is, the more it will hold and keep its shape. If you want to crumble it to get the same texture as a "ground" meat, opt for a semi‑firm tofu. If you want tofu cubes for a stir‑fry, choose the extra‑firm kind.

Here are a few ideas for semi and extra‑firm tofu:

  • Seasoned or unseasoned cubes in salads
  • Asian stir‑fry
  • Tofu nuggets
  • Vegetarian burger patties

Tofu Salad
Tofu General Tao

Give some flavour to your tofu

Silken tofu can be purchased flavoured (strawberry, banana, etc.) or natural and drizzled with maple syrup, honey, vanilla essence or your favourite fruit coulis.

For firm and extra‑firm tofu, you can buy it pre‑seasoned (fine herbs, seaweed, ginger, etc.) or natural and season it to your tastes. You can add your own favourite spices, or, cube the tofu and marinate it in the sauce of your choice.

Tofu cubes

Freeze your tofu

Take advantage of tofu sales to buy it in bulk for freezing. Tofu that's been frozen absorbs the chosen marinade more easily once thawed. Don't forget to pat dry with a paper towel once thawed to remove as much water as possible before marinating.

Tofu cubes

Don't hesitate to replace meat in your favourite recipes with tofu and experiment with different types of cuisines. Tofu works on the barbecue, on the stove top and in the oven, so try out the many ways it can be made today!